Astella Technologies Limited (“Astella”) is a spin-off company from Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI).

Established in 2021;

CEO: Dr Eric Tsang; CTO: Dr Elaine Zhang;
RD staff: ~20 experience engineers with 10+ years in 4G and 5G development and deployment;

Comprehensive 5G product portfolio; proven track records in commercial deployment with tier 1 operators, ODM, infrastructure vendors and solution providers on both public and private networks. Leverage on strong ecosystem partners, differentiation, value-added service and business expansion.

Astella Services

Enabling the Design Commercialization with Partners

1. L1 Reference Design with Customizations

2. L2/L3 Integration Services for End-to-End enablement

3. Hardware Design and Integration Services for Deployable Products

4. Product Management for Deployment Production, Supports and Maintenance

5. Product Evolutions along with Solid Roadmap

6. Successful Design Commercialization

Certifications and Deployments

Astella provides a commercial-grade complete software solution to address the O-RAN ecosystem. We serve the whole high-tech industry with fast and efficient enablement on the 5G networking and 5G applications.

Our solution had been deployed in the world operator networks

Our solution aligns with the 3GPP and O-RAN specifications to enable quick time to market
  • O-RU,O-DU,O-CU Conformance Test 
  • Interoperability Test with 5G Core Networks and Terminals
  • 3GPP Standard Performance Test 
  • Stress Test, Capacity Test and Stability Test
  • End-to-End System Test  

Astella Software FeaturesSummary


- NXP LX2160 + LA12xx

  • Genevisio PCIe card
  • Arcadyan DU
  • + Intel CU Server
  • + Ampere CU Server

- NXP LX2160 + LA12xx with Metanoia/ SiTune RFICs

  • Compal ISC
  • Compal O-RU

- NXP LX2160 + LA12xx with Anokiwave RFIC/ YTTEK module

Baseline Features

DU/ISC Software

  • 3GPP Release 16/17
  • eMBB
  • TDD up to 100MHz for FR1, 400MHz for FR2
  • FDD up to 50MHz for FR1
  • Support 4T4R antennas for FR1 and 2T2R for FR2
  • Multiple CCs
  • SCS: 15/30 kHz for FR1 and 120KHz for FR2
  • 14 users per slot for FR1
  • 2 users per slot for FR2

O-RU Software

  • TDD and FDD, 3GPP r17
  • Option 7-2x low PHY
  • 4T4R
  • SCS 15/30 kHz
  • DFE, Filters, DPD and CFR
Advanced Features

DU/ISC Software

  • Synchronization
  • Initial Sniffing
  • Run-time Sniffing
  • IEEE 1588 Sync
  • TSN
  • Public Networks
  • DSS with 4G
  • SA, NSA and NR-DC
  • SON
  • Beam management
  • Private Networks
  • High Mobility
  • Large Coverage
  • NR-positioning
  • IIOT
  • NTN
  • TSN

O-RU Software

  • SCS 120 kHz – FR2
  • RACH enhancement
  • C/U/S/M planes
  • Option 7-3 low PHY with precoder

Operators (DU)

  • Passed all test cases for NXP DUs (LX2160 + LA12xx)
  • 100MHz, 4T4R and 2T2R
  • Multiple CCs
  • 1400 active UEs
  • Attach/detached stability
  • VoNR with IMS

Operators (ISC)

  • Passed all test cases for NXP ISC (LS1046 + LA12xx)
  • 100MHz, 4T4R and 2T2R
  • CBRS supported
  • 128 UEs

O-RAN Conformance

  • Passed all test cases for O-DU and O-RU
  • Taiwanese, US and Japanese operator trials
  • RM 506, 5/F, Bio-Informatics, 2 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, Hong Kong
  • (852) 3703-3610

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